Welcome to Sports Value Consulting, LLC
With over ten years experience, Sports Value Consulting, LLC understands the business side of sports.

The professional sports industry is exciting and rewarding, but the economics behind the business are complicated. The methods used to calculate franchise values and transaction multiples in most industries do not apply in sports, and an expert opinion is required to fully understand the value of a franchise or its assets. With over ten years experience, performing over 50 engagements for both leagues and teams, Sports Value Consulting, LLC (SVC) understands the business side of sports and has the experience to serve as your trusted advisor.

SVC provides sports valuation advisory and investment banking services. We combine Big Four accounting quality experience with the agility and personal service only a small firm can offer. Our business is built on long-term sports relationships and an in-depth understanding of the complexities that face the sports industry today. Our clients have the peace of mind knowing an industry expert is handling their business needs.

We understand teams have certain criteria advisory firms must meet before they are engaged. These could include years of experience, number of teams worked with, knowledge if the industry, etc. We feel another key criteria is references. We are proud to include some of the top names in sports as our references, and a list of teams we have worked with for several years. Teams need to know they can work with a firm that has a solid reputation, not just a list of clients.

I look forward to speaking to any team or group about our qualifications and/or experience.